La Gomera: A charming island
La Gomera: A charming island


The diversity of its landscapes and the predominance of its exuberant nature turn the island of La Gomera into the perfect destination for an unique and unforgettable getaway. Therefore, we have designed an itinerary for you to experience the immensity of a land with over 600 kilometres of magical trails. We recommend that you do not forget to pack your comfortable footwear, bathing suit, backpack and a coat for the higher areas if you want to enjoy the various activities offered by the island. Once on the mainland, it is time to start the adventure!

Itinerary for the three-day getaway (arriving by boat).
•    Day one. You will disembark directly in the Port of San Sebastián de La Gomera. Once there we recommend you to visit the Tourist Office. From there, Torre del Conde, a building of the 15th century, is good start, being able to stroll through the historic centre and you travel some points of the “Columbian route” such as the Columbus House and de Asunción church.

•    Day two. We recommend that you start your visit in the Park’s “Juego de Bolas” Visitor’ Centre. As there, you will discover the island’s geography, the secrets of the magical laurel forests as well as get advice on taking the trail most suited to your time and preparation. Very close to there is also the “Mirador de Abrante”, inside a restaurant, which gifts breath taking views of Teide and the municipality of Agulo, known as the “Beauty of La Gomera”.

•    Day three. Valle Gran Rey, with its idyllic black sand beaches, will be the plan for your third day on the island. The journey from Agulo offers stops in Vallehermoso and its famous “Roque Cano”, as well as numerous viewpoints that you will find on your way. Valle Gran Rey awaits you, inviting you to sunbathe and immerse yourself in the purest waters. If you enjoy watching animals in the wild, you cannot miss taking a whale watching excursion. An optional visit could be to “Los Órganos”, a natural monument that can be seen from the boats departing from the Port of Vueltas. Taking advantage of the walk, you can end the day watching a sunset.