Land, sea and sky
Land, sea and sky

The excellent climates, diversity of its landscape, clears skies, being bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, and being the proud owner of the best conserved laurel forests in the world, make La Gomera a destination to enjoy a very active holiday.

Where do you want to begin your adventure?
Let’s start with land. Kilometres and kilometres of trails for you. If you want personalised advice you can go to the park’s information centres (Laguna Grande or Juego de Bolas) or to the island’s tourist information centres (San Sebastián de La Gomera, Valle Gran Rey and Santiago beach) where they will give you the best options for your level, time and time of year. A highly recommended option is to use specialist guides. They will help you to feel the routes closely, using each one of your senses. They are official guides who guarantee compliance with the rules of the protected spaces, so they continue to be as well preserved as they are now. You can also do some of these routes by bike. There is information about the trails where you can use mountain bikes and there are bike hire companies offering different types of bikes that you can use on the island.

Shall we go to the sea?
The mind temperatures and the number of hours of the sun enable you to enjoy sea activities nearly all year round. Snorkelling, kayaking, boat trips, stand up paddle, diving, deep-sea fishing, and even quiet walks along the coast enjoying the rich cuisine the island offers. There are two beaches which have the “blue flag” distinguishing them as meeting the standards for quality, safety, environmental regulations and health infrastructure. These beaches are Santiago beach and San Sebastián de La Gomera.

The whale watching trips are worth a special recommendation since La Gomera enjoys a privilege that you should not miss. As well as the more than 20 species that can be seem here, the island is chosen by many of them as a place to live all year round. The companies that offer these trips in La Gomera have a “blue flag”, an authorisation which distinguishes them as meeting the current regulations for the respectful observation of the wales.

Another recommended option is to visit “Los Órganos”. If the sea conditions allow it, you can see this important natural monument. If you want to sail alone, you can also rent pleasure boats and there is a company that does this in Santiago beach. It offers you the possibility of getting to know the island from the sea, anchoring in quiet coves and appreciating the beauty from another viewpoint.

Now let’s look at the sky
The Canary Islands are known for having the best skies in the world for observing stars, that’s why here there are two of the largest observatories in the world.
When night falls, a tour of the island’s lookout point allows you to observe the stars with the naked eye. You will easily be able to recognise the constellations of Orion, Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio, the Great Bear and the Little Bear, the bright Milky Way, the solitary Polaris, the reddish Betengeuse and millions more. There are apps you can download on your smartphone that will help you to find them easily. And if we’re talking about skies, paragliding will allow you to fly over some spectacular landscape.

Your trip to La Gomera will turn into an adventure in nature thanks to its land, sea and skies. When are you coming to visit?